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Turn-Key Plants
Cement Mortars Batching Mixing Plant
Control Systems

Many hundreds of systems have been designed and installed in both "green-field" sites and as plant re-modelling packages to satisfy the widely varying needs of processes such as feed milling, rubber compounding, food and minerals processing. 

The Complete Package

POWER ROBOTICS  has an experienced supplier of gravimetric, batch-type and continuous feed systems forming part of complete batching plants, plans complete feed systems, and supplies, mainly from its own development and manufacture, the equipment required to fulfil the functions of feeding, weighing, and control. Planning of the hierarchic structure of the automation concept also includes the control systems Programmable controllers (PLC's) and low-voltage switching systems. 

NPK Fertilizers Bagging Plant
we offer our assistance from the very beginning, from planning-through design, manufacture, installation and commissioning- to training your operating and maintenance personnel, and continuing follow-up service through a maintenance agreement.


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