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    Palletizers are machines designed to place bags in a pallet in an orderly fashion, according to a  well-defined palletizing pattern, in order to obtain pallets that are ready for shipping.

    To meet a broad range of customer needs, the POWER ROBOTICS produces a very broad range of machines.

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Multilayer Palletizers.

    Are POWER ROBOTICS answer to the need to use just one machine to palletize two different products coming simultaneously from two separate lines. The multilayer palletizers can have two different handling systems for the bags:

    The choice of multilayer palletizer depends on the speed of the bagging lines upstream and the consistency of the products and bags to be palletized.

    The technology developed by the POWER ROBOTICS allows its palletizers to form stable and secure pallets with a perfect shape.

    The presence of several palletizing programs in the machine memory makes it possible to position the bags in order to obtain the desired palletizing patterns.

    All the palletizers made by the POWER ROBOTICS come complete with safety devices compliant with the current EC regulations.

Push-type palletizers.
PAL 1200
Are machines designed to palletize well-packed, solid and stable bags with a well-defined geometry.

This family includes the following types of machines:
Low-level push-type palletizers, for average productions of 400 to 900 bags/hour.
In-line high-level push-type palletizers, for productions from 600 to 1200 bags/hour.
High-level push-type palletizers, for productions from 600 to 3000 bags/hour.

Robot palletizers.
Are suitable for handling small, medium or large bags containing loose and unstable products.

This family includes:
Scara robot palletizers for productions of up to 500 bags/hour.
Two-column robot palletizers for productions of 550 to 750 bags/hour.
Four-column robot palletizers for productions of 550 to 1000 bags/hour.


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